Finance Programs


Do you need to upgrade your facilities? Are you hiring employees or purchasing inventory? Are you looking to improve cash flow? We know business needs don’t stop with equipment, so we’ve built out our Working Capital products to provide you with the cash you need, however you need to use it.

Typical uses:

  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Hiring or managing payroll
  • Expansion, updating facilities
  • Consumable Supplies
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Marketing
  • Paying Taxes
equipment financing for business owners

Business Loans


Term loans that provide unrestricted cash for your business. Secured and unsecured options that are based on the revenue of your business.

  • Fast application and funding process with minimal documentation
  • Unrestricted use of cash, can be used for all business purposes
  • Does not require collateralizing any business assets
  • Can be renewed or refinanced as additional needs arise
Best For Companies Who…
  • Have specific cash needs
  • Need access to cash quickly
  • Don’t have equipment or collateral to secure

Line of Credit


Revolving credit line, providing ongoing access to cash. Like term loans, approval amount largely based on the revenue of your business.

  • Revolving access to cash
  • Take what you need, when you need it. No non-utilization fees
  • Amount can be flexed up over time
Best For Companies Who…
  • Have recurring needs for cash
  • Don’t have a set timeline on their need yet
  • Seek a long-term cash solution

Invoice Factoring


Financing based off your outstanding invoices that provide cash up front.

  • Fast application process and access to cash
  • Recurring source of cash each month
  • 80-95% Advance rate of the invoiced amount
Best For Companies Who…
  • Have consistent, recurring invoicing each month
  • May struggle with accounts payable prior to getting paid