Financing is frequently the key that clinches a sale. It can make the difference between closing the deal or your client going to another dealer who can provide attractive financing options. When your equipment dealership offers fast, affordable on-site financing, you will sell more equipment and serve your customers better – everyone wins! MidPoint Equipment Finance partners with equipment dealers and other companies to offer financing options to support your business. You can even submit applications and supporting documentation online to get fast approvals.


Trusting your customers with a finance provider can be scary. The last thing you need is a negative experience that drives them to your competitors. That’s why we put your customers’ experience above all. We won’t approve every customer and there will be customers that don’t agree with the rates or terms they’re presented. But they’ll never be lied to, misled or put into a situation that would harm their business. And if there’s an opportunity for them to still purchase equipment from you without us in the picture, we’re more than happy to point them in that direction. Your sale and relationship come first.

We also know the best partnerships extend beyond transactions, which is why we’ll ask you to get lunch, grab a beer or discuss the local ball scores. It’s more fun knowing who you work with, after all.

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“Can I get an update?” is something we make sure you never have to ask. We update and communicate so often, you may even ask us to stop (just kidding). You and your customer will always know the status of the application process, the terms, what we need to finalize and when you’ll receive payment.

We want you to feel completely in the loop. It makes your job easier, it makes the customer’s experience better and it keeps the train moving.


We approach our partnership with you as our customer. We protect our customers just like you. If we approve your customer for financing on your equipment, and they suddenly decide to use another dealer, that financing is ONLY valid with you. The only exception is if you give us permission to let the customer use it elsewhere (we’ll still make sure you receive a referral fee).

Why Choose Us?


Sell More

  • Options for A – C credits
  • Application-only programs
  • No equipment restrictions
  • Finance programs customized for you

Earn More

  • Referral Fee when customers finance
  • EQ+ approvals, allowing customers to purchase more
  • Marketing support
  • Customer Referrals (for our non-referred customers)

Become a more dynamic resource for your customers and close more sales by offering fast, on-site equipment financing at your dealership or company through MidPoint Equipment Finance.